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It is easy to shop use our website. First, select your printer brand from the menu above. Next, select your printer from the drop down list. A list of compatible ink cartridges will be displayed for your printer. If there isn't any cartridges available at this moment, you may send us a message with your printer's model so we can order the particular ink cartridges for your printer. We hope you enjoy shopping at and come back often. Thank you.

Troubleshooting Tips


Here we list three common problems seen with newly installed ink cartridges; if your problem is not addressed here, please use the Contact Us page to send us your issue. Thank you.


No print outs, ink cartridge doesn't work.

  • Please check if the ink cartridges are installed correctly. Please be sure to remove the yellow sticker on the top of the cartridge to uncover the air hole.

  • After the cartridge is installed, the printer software should show the ink level as full. If this is not the case, your printer may have compatibility issue with the cartridge. Please contact customer services for assistance.

  • After the cartridge is installed, you may be informed by the printer software that the installed cartridge is not an original cartridge, simply accept the message and confirm that the cartridge is not an original cartridge. This typically happens with Epson compatible cartridges.

  • The printer head may be damaged or aged. This typically happens if your printer is quite old. You printer service center will be able to verify this for you.

  • Corrupted printer drivers. If your computer is infected with virus, your printer driver could be corrupted. Please download and install the latest printer driver from your printer manufacture's website.

Low quality print outs, streaks on prints.

  • You may have selected the wrong paper type, for example you are printing photos on photo paper but forgot to select "Photo Paper" as the media type. Please select the correct paper type in your printer software.

  • You may have selected the wrong printing quality. For printing photos, make sure you have selected high printing quality in your printer software.

  • The printer head needs to be cleaned. Use your printer's software to run the cleaning process. If after cleaning and the prints still have streaks, wait about 10 to 15 minutes and run the cleaning process again.

  • Although unlikely, but your computer may be infected by virus. Please scan your system for viruses, reinstall the printer driver afterwards and print again.

Cartridge with a short lifetime.


The cartridges we sell contain same amount of ink as the original ink cartridges. If you experience significant short lifetime of the new cartridges, please check if the following apply:

  • Uneven use of color in multicolor cartridges. Some cartridges contain 3 or 5 colors in one cartridge, if a particular color has being used, the whole cartridge will need to be replaced.

  • Your printer is printing at high quality (high DPI setting) all the time. The higher the printing quality, the more ink will be consumed. You only need to use normal or draft quality for most prints. Please follow your printer's user manual to adjust the printing quality to a lower setting.

  • Frequent turning on and off of the printer. When a printer is turned off and on, it will run a cleaning process that may consume ink. Unless you are not going to use the printer for a long period of time, we recommend leave your printer in standby mode.