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It is easy to shop use our website. First, select your printer brand from the menu above. Next, select your printer from the drop down list. A list of compatible ink cartridges will be displayed for your printer. If there isn't any cartridges available at this moment, you may send us a message with your printer's model so we can order the particular ink cartridges for your printer. We hope you enjoy shopping at and come back often. Thank you.

Installation Guide


The installation instructions presented here should only serve as a suggestive guideline for the cartridges sold on this website. For detailed installation instructions, please consult your printer's user manual.


Step 1: Remove the old cartridges.


Open the printer cover; the cartridge holder will automatically slide to the open area for you to remove the empty cartridges. If the cartridge hold did not slide to the open area automatically, press the ink replacement button, typically it is the button with an ink drop icon next to it, and the cartridge holder should slide to the open area. Carefully open the cartridge cover and remove the cartridges need to be replaced. Since the used cartridges may still contain ink, please handle the used cartridges with care so ink won't leak and stain near by objects.


Step 2: Open the new cartridges.


Remove the new cartridge from the box and remove the shrink wrapper from the cartridge. For certain Epson compatible cartridges, you will find a small orange plastic clip near the front of the cartridge, please remove and discard this clip. For Canon cartridges, remove the bottom ink cover. Finally, remove the yellow sticker on the top of the cartridge to uncover the air hole. If you didn’t remove the yellow sticker, ink will not flow out of the cartridge and your printer will not print correctly. When handling Epson compatible cartridges, please be careful not to touch the electronic chip on the cartridge.


Step 3: Install the new cartridges.


Carefully insert the new cartridge into the cartridge holder. When the cartridge is properly inserted, the cartridge will click into place. If the cartridge is not completely inserted in to place, your printer will not print correctly. After the ink cartridge is installed, close the ink cartridge cover and printer cover. Most printers will go through an automatic cleaning process after you have installed the new cartridges. If your printer didn’t run the automatic cleaning process, please run this process manually. When the printer finishes the cleaning process, you can then start printing using the new ink cartridges. When the cartridge is correctly installed, the printer software should show the ink level as full.


Some Epson printer software will show a message warning the user the newly installed cartridge is not an Epson compatible cartridge or simply ask the user if the installed cartridge is an Epson cartridge. If you get such prompt, please choose the response that states the cartridge you installed is not an Epson original cartridge.